Interact More With The Existing Customer

The key to success is understanding that the first sale should be seen as the starting point of the buyer’s customer journey, and it should always be accompanied by strategic marketing touchpoints.

Customer Retention & Existing Customers

Danmar Computers advises organizations that being atop of mind choice in the customers’ top three preferences reinforces the company’s relationship with them.
If customer retention is your objective, the full-on concept involves a whole lot of important marketing and CRM components. We advise you to try the implementation of a constant customer marketing approach due to its ability to increase the customer retention level to mind-blowing levels. A well thought CRM marketing strategy will excel at reminding your niche about the company you represent, the products you sell, and the benefits they can get from buying your products. Start by outlining you’re company’s value and put out all sort of educational material within your marketing messages because it will help you improve retention for sure.

Customer Acquisition & Existing Customers

The customer that has already bought from your company, or that has already engaged with your services is the most powerful customer of them all. Danmar Computers advises all organizations to involve as many happy customers as they can to take part within their marketing campaigns, invite them to all the newly launched sales or marketing campaigns.
Start by attracting new prospects, convert the new prospects into leads, and never stop nurturing them until they become loyal customers. Use a CRM strategy to build up the online persona of the ideal customer advocate and tell his or her success story through your social media posts, blog posts, interviews, video testimonials, and at conferences. Such strategies provide your customers with the oh so required social proof thus helping your company draw new prospects into your lead funnel as well as give buyers confidence in your solution as they make their final selection.
Danmar Computers would like to outline that the satisfied customers are the buyers that spread the word the most about your company to their networks and business circles.